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Mladen Kezunovic

Principal Investigator
Mladen Kezunovic,
Eugene E. Webb Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Texas A & M University

Santiago C. Grijalva

Santiago C. Grijalva,
Georgia Institute of Technology

Zoran Obradovic

Zoran Obradovic,
Temple University

Amount: $1 million over three years

The introduction of new technologies for monitoring electrical power grids has led to an abundance of data that can be used to improve power generation and transmission and to enhance customer service. However, this data is still vastly underutilized. This project aims to increase our understanding of the merged data collected from physical systems in order to better understand how energy flows through grids, how to prevent emergencies such as blackouts and brownouts, and how to improve asset management and increase energy efficiency. More Information

Date Published
Monday, August 10, 2020 - 12:00 pm