South Hub Goes to Washington!


Left to right: Lea Shanley, Srinivas Aluru, Fen Zhao, Renata Rawlings-Goss, Dan Stazione, Stan Ahalt, Melvin Greer


Representatives of the South Hub including Principal Investigators Srinivas Aluru and Stan Ahalt, and Co-Executive Directors Renata Rawlings-Goss and Lea Shanley met in Washington, D.C. for congressional briefings to educate staff on the importance and impact of data science, as well as on the activities of the South Big Data Hub.  

The agenda included presentations from NSF’s lead of the Big Data Hubs Program Fen Zhao, who introduced the broad need and value for data science collaborations for the nation, the national Hubs program, and the South Hub.

Dan Stazione, director of the Texas Advanced Computing Center, provided the High Performance Computing (HPC) perspective on how data science is affecting HPC and why collaboration venues like the South BD Hub matter.

Intel’s Director of Data Science and Analytics Melvin Greer gave the industry perspective on how they see workforce and industry benefitting from data science and the Hubs. Greer discussed how data science has emerged as an essential tool for decision making and innovation across industry sectors (health and life science – machine learning / cognitive computing; cyber intelligence – predictive and prescriptive analytics; citizen services – pattern recognition and natural language processing; and customer experience – cognitive computing / artificial intelligence). Greer also recognized the value of igniting new Big Data public-private partnerships, taking on grand challenges to accelerate market driven innovation, and–as they are currently doing–supporting data science workforce and talent pipeline development.

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