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The Education and Data Science Workforce Group consists of South Hub members from industry, academia, and government actively engaged in securing funding for and developing: (1) the use of government open data to support education and training in data science; (2) faculty and student data science training and curriculum development; (3) broadening and deepening the data science talent and workforce base; (4) connecting training in academia to industry and government needs, and (5) workforce development experiences for students to connect to industry, government, and non-profit organizations.

Chaired by Renata Rawlings-Goss

The South Hub Education and Workforce Working Group is seeking speakers for monthly working group calls.  If you are interested in sharing your research, projects, or resources, please contact Kendra Lewis-Strickland and Renata Rawlings-Goss

The Data Science Education and Workforce Working Group is an open monthly professional working group for data science educators and program leaders to talk and hear from other programs around the country, as well as learn about resources for connecting with data, tools, industry partners, and research. 

The focus of the group is to: 

  1. Highlight funded Data Science education projects, programs, and resources 
  2. Share best-practices for project-based courses & teaching approaches
  3. Provide experiences with assessment or evaluation approaches for Data Science teaching or Data Science programs.

The Education & Workforce Working Group meets virtually the first Friday of every month at 11AM EST, if you are interested in the group, join the mailing list.

Friday, April 2, 2021 at 11AM EST.



Dr. David Beck

Talk Title: Domain Specific Graduate Training in Data Science in the Context of a University Wide Approach

Bio: David Beck is a Research Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington (UW), a Senior Data Science Fellow and Director of Research and Education for the eScience Institute.  Founded in 2008, UW’s eScience Institute serves to advance data-intensive discovery in all fields from the humanities to science, engineering and medicine.  Dr. Beck’s research explores the intersection of molecules and data science, or molecular data science, and its applications to energy, environment and health.  Beck is the associate director of the NSF Research Traineeship Data Intensive Research Enabling Clean Tech (DIRECT) and co-director of the Engineering Data Science Institute (EDSI) at UW.  He is an adjunct faculty in the Paul G. Allen School for Computer Science and the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences and coordinates the UW Data Science Seminar.



Dr. David Gutman

Talk Title: The Human Tumor Atlas Network Data Coordinating Center

Bio: Dr. David Gutman received his PhD in Neuroscience and MD from Emory University School of Medicine and is now an associate professor of Neurology.  Dr. Gutman is also a staff Physician at the Atlanta VA Medical Center on the Psychiatric Inpatient Unit.  Dr. Gutman's research focuses on developing informatics technologies to process and analyze large imaging data sets, and is leading the imaging informatics efforts to integrate data for the Human Tumor Atlas Network.


Working Group Chairs

Renata Rawlings-Goss-Georgia Institute of Technology (chair), Andrew Zieffler- University of Minnesota (co-chair), Chris Tunnell- Rice University (co-chair), and Leah Wasser – University of Colorado Boulder (co-chair).

For questions please contact Kendra Lewis-Strickland (

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