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The COVID Information Commons (CIC) is your one-stop gateway to Covid researchers, online content, virtual networking, and other resources. CIC is an open website to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration across various COVID research efforts, initiated by the NSF Convergence Accelerator. The initial focus of the CIC website is on NSF-funded COVID Rapid Response Research (RAPID) projects. The CIC serves as a resource for researchers, students and decision-makers from academia, government, not-for-profits and industry to identify collaboration opportunities, to leverage each other's research findings, and to accelerate the most promising research to mitigate the broad societal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID Information Commons is funded by an NSF COVID RAPID Award #2028999, developed as a collaborative proposal led by the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub hosted by Columbia University, in collaboration with the Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub, South Big Data Innovation Hub, and West Big Data Innovation Hub. The award commenced in May 2020 and it is expected that the COVID Information Commons will continue to be available after the award period.

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COVID-19 Data and Resources


Government Vetted

The National Science Foundation 

The National Institute of Health - Funding

The Center for Disease Control


Community Curated

Academic Data Science Alliance

The US Digital Response (Volunteer Matching) COVID-19 Data Lake data sets will initially include:

·         Johns Hopkins University: COVID-19 Data Repository

·         The Atlantic: COVID Tracking Project

·         The New York Times: COVID-19 Data in the United States

·         nCoV-2019 Data Working Group: Epidemiology Data

·         MOBS Lab: COVID-19 Situation Report

·         World Health Organization: Daily Situation Reports

·         European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: Worldwide Situation Updates

·         University of Montreal: COVID-19 Image Data Collection

·         National Center for Biotechnology Information Virus Database

·         COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19)

Additional datasets, to be published May 15, 2020, will include:

·         Data Science for COVID-19: South Korea Dataset

·         Indian Ministry of Health & Family Welfare: COVID-19 India

·         Sito del Dipartimento della Protezione Civile – Emergenza Coronavirus

·         Data Science for COVID-19 Indonesia Initiative

·         Kaiser Health: US Hospital ICU Beds

· US Hospital Capacity

·         Environment Protection Agency: US Air Quality

·         New York ISO: Electricity Load Data

·         US Census Bureau: Population Data

·         IEEE: COVID-19 Tweets Dataset

·         University of Washington: COVID-19 Projections

·         Kaiser Family Foundation: Social Distancing Policies


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